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Here you can find out about the careers of former HDBW students: What did they study and what professional experiences did they have during their studies?
In addition, the alumni answer some questions about studying at the HDBW and give their contact details. If you have any questions for them, they will be happy to help you!


Alex Leung | Bottega Del Vino

HDBW Alumni Alex Leung

Alex Lung studied Digital Business Modelling and Entrepreneurship in three semesters full-time at the HDBW in Munich. After having studying in Hong Kong, Canada and the UK beforehand, he had allready gained professional experience in the finance and IT industries.

However, despite these bachelor's and MBA degrees, what he lacked to launch his startup was a deeper understanding of the impact of digital technologies on businesses. That's exactly where the English-language HDBW Master's programme in Digital Business Modeling and Entrepreneurship, which he completed at HDBW in Munich in early 2022, helped him.

Interview of Alex with former programme director Prof. Carsten Bartsch - podcast in the 2021/2022 annual report of the bbw Group - to which the HDBW also belongs.
To podcast on HDBW Soundcloud.


Contact details:

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