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Student Housing Munich

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Once the choice for the course of study and the place of study has been made, the next question is 'where and how to live'. This step is sometimes a big challenge.

This counts even if you've been living independently for some time, as every city presents slightly different circumstances. Housing shortage is one of the most important social issues. It especially effects big cities and affordable housing for students coming to Munich.

Find a student apartment in Munich

Studentisches Wohnen an der HDBW - Mädchen hüpfend auf dem Bett

Munich is known for its astronomical rents and does not rate well in a Germany-wide comparison. Thus, the effects of the high rent prices are noticeable even in the far surrounding areas and also affect many surrounding communities and cities. Quite rightly, many students ask themselves how this can be managed unless they are from Munich and have the option of staying with their own family.

Of course, enough students manage to live in Munich affordably and also finance their own living expenses. However, how one arranges student housing depends not least on one's own preferences. Shared living space is socially very interesting, but not everyone's cup of tea.

Tips from the HDBW for finding a student room in Munich:

The HDBW does not run a dormitory itself and does not arrange for student rooms. However, we have compiled the most important contact points that are available at our university in Munich to provide you with initial assistance in your search for student accommodation in Munich and the surrounding areas. From private dormitories to student shared flats, to apartments and other forms of housing.

In any case, it is important that you start looking early. If starting your studies in October, please always beware that during the Munich Oktoberfest, taking place in the last two weeks of September), all Munich accommodations are particularly expensive and usually fully booked.

Munich student housing by the Student Union

Dormitories are adapted particularly to the demands of students. Here, there is a wide selection available in Munich, ranging from student dormitories and church-run institutions to private options.

The central point of contact is the Studierendenwerk München Oberbayern, the Munich Student Union. We are a member and therefore HDBW-students can also use all services offered there. Registration for dormitory places operated by the Studierendenwerk itself takes place right there.

Important: Students whose parents live in the catchment area of the Munich Transport and Tariff Association (MVV) cannot apply for a place in a Munich hall of residence. The almost 11,000 dormitory places in Munich, Freising and Rosenheim offered by the Student Union seem enormous. But considering that there are over 130,000 students at the various universities and colleges in Munich alone, this figure is put to perspective.

More student housing options through the Student Union

Private rooms can also be arranged through the Munich Student Union - to do this, you register on the Student Union's website and search for suitable offers.

Private accommodation Student Union

In the case of private dormitories run by confessional bearers, associations or local authorities, applications are submitted directly to each provider. In some cases, special social/political commitment is expected or membership of a particular confession is mandatory. Please contact the sponsor directly for more information and note the application deadlines and requirements. Here, too, the rooms are popular due to the low rents and thus, waiting lists are long.

Student Housing Estates of private Sponsors in Munich

Another good option is Homesharing 'Wohnen-für-Hilfe' (renting for help): Here, students live with seniors at low cost - in return, they help their landlords with their daily lifes - usually with errands, in the household or garden, accompany them on doctor's visits or go for a walk with the seniors - depending on the agreement in each individual case.

Homesharing 'Wohnen-für-Hilfe' in Munich

Munich dormitories and student apartments by private sponsors

The apartments of private or commercial sponsors are not quite as low priced as the dormitories of the Student Union or as those of district towns or associations - nevertheless, it is worth your while to have a look around.

For one thing, the waiting times are not quite as long, and the apartments and shared facilities are precisely tailored to the needs of students in Munich.

Links to student dormitories and apartments run by private sponsors

Find student accommodation via websites, bulletin boards or local newspapers

Studium HDBW - München Skizze Silouette

Even though we live in the age of digitalisation, it is still conceivable to find a shared room or an apartment in Munich via a simple paper notice on a bulletin board at the main canteens (Mensa) of Munich's two biggest universities :

  • LMU, Mensa, Leopoldstraße 13a
  • TUM, Mensa, Arcisstraße 17

Shared flats (WGs) are very popular, offer new social contacts and are usually much cheaper than having your own apartment. For those, it's worth looking on the relevant websites:

Often you can also find what you are looking for via newspaper ads. Here a list of the most important regional newspapers with the days on which real estate ads are published there:

  • Real Estate Search on
  • Süddeutsche Zeitung, apartment ads in the print edition: Wednesday & Friday
  • Abendzeitung München, apartment ads in the print edition: Wednesday & Saturday
  • Münchner Merkur, apartment ads in the print edition: Saturday
  • tz München, apartment ads in the print edition: Thursday & Saturday
  • Münchner Wochenanzeiger, apartment ads in a free advertising paper: Wendsday & Saturday; ads are also visible
  • Apartment offers in the free advertising paper Hallo München: Wendsday & Saturday; the issues are available online as Hallo München e-papers

Since the HDBW is located relatively close to the eastern city limits of Munich, it is also worth taking a look at the housing available in the directly adjacent communities such as Feldkirchen, Heimstetten, Aschheim, Kirchheim, Haar or Vaterstetten. Public bus and rail connections are available.

Student housing: If necessary, improvise at the beginning

If you don't have your own student apartment at the beginning of your studies, you may be able to find temporary accommodation with friends or acquaintances. Couchsurfing would be a possibility, or for short-term stays tourist accommodation might be an option. Have a look on:



There are also many students who spend a semester abroad and rent out their room on a short-term basis. You can search for them specifically, also via your prefered social media channels.

Finding student accomodation in Munich: Other options

The possibilities to find private living space are available in any place, wether you look for shared rooms, small apartments or an entire flat to start new WGs. The following ways might help:

Despite the tight real estate market, there are many options for student housing in Munich. Thus, nothing should stand in the way to start your studies at HDBW.


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